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Get Bad & Fair Credit Loans with Instant Decisions

No credit checks run

No credit checks run

Instant approval

Instant approval

Payday loan direct deposit

Payday loan direct deposit

100% legitimate lending

100% legitimate lending

Getting a Personal Loan? Instant Decision can Help

It often happens that a borrower looking for a personal loan, has an urgent need. This is especially the case when just a "fair" or even a "bad" credit score is invoivled. For addressing this need, we bring to you, the short-term personal loans with instant decisions and these come in the form of installment loans as well as payday loans.

When you apply for this loan, your application shall go through a simple and efficient process:

  • We screen your application
  • Eligibility verifications are done
  • Eligible borrowers are given a loan approval instantly
  • A loan offer is sent to you
  • Upon acceptance, the loan is released
  • Repayments are scheduled

Unsecured Loans, Instant Decision and No Credit Checks

Our loans feature these 3 wonderful benefits, no matter when you apply for them and what your need is:

  • Unsecured: No need for a collateral to secure repayments, just a guarantee that you commit to repay
  • Instant decision: Approval or rejection - once eligiblity is determined, there's no delay in the decision being communicated
  • No credit check: Our loans feature no hard credit checks from any major bureau, making your transaction one that doesn't further impact your credit performance

When You Need a Bad or Fair Credit Loan, Instant Decision could be Important

How significant is an instant decision? Well, that largely depends on your need. Bad and fair credit loans can offer instant decisions when you choose the right lender. Typically, traditional lenders neither offer instant decisions nor do they accept bad credit scores. But non-bank direct lenders like us can extend such benefits. However, most lenders and their brokers may fail to deliver promises that they make. With us, you get reliability and we offer bad credit loans with instant decisions that come with a certainty of approval for every eligible borrower expecting up to $1,000 (amount approved may vary from the demand subject to assessments). Getting a loan is also an east task as the entire process is quick, efficient and fully online.

Instant decisions on fair and bad credit loans can be an invaluable tool, especially when an emergency is involved. We have understood this and designed our process to suit both first-time users as well as return users alike.

Apply for a Loan, Instant Decision Comes Along

When you apply for a loan with us, instant decisions are simply a part of the package when complete, clear and authentic documents and details are provided as necessary, and these are easily verifable. The application process in itself is designed to be lean and quick.

This is what you need for instant decision payday loan:

  • A stable monthly income of $1000 or more
  • You must be a permanent resident or citizen of the US (we shall need your SSN)
  • Age (18+ only) and identity proof
  • An active bank account with 3 months' statements
  • Valid and active contact details.

Providing these, you can get a loan with ease and an instand decision does follow post the quick verifications.

Keep restless days and sleepless night at bay. Apply for a instant decision loan in minutes today and receive money soon!

Returning Customers

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  • Payment Arrangements
  • Login / Sign Documents
  • Get Your Balance / Due Date
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  • 3 No Credit Checks and No Brokers

Deal with your credit crisis confidently with InstantPaydayCash, the genuine payday loans direct lender, at your service. Apply for reliable payday cash advance loans online today and get affordability, security, speed, simplicity and convenience of borrowing at no extra costs.