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Payday Loan – A small loan that is typically due on your next payday.

Payday loan lender offers small amount of cash to the borrower on the contract that it will be paid back when the latter gets his next pay check. A payday loan is also referred as a salary loan or a payroll loan. Although there are many different type of payday loans in the lending market, they serve a common purpose- extending urgent and uncollateralized credit to the borrowers in times of emergencies when they are denied by traditional lending sources.


  • chevron_rightBasically offers small amount of money
  • chevron_rightDesigned to be repaid in full
  • chevron_rightLoan repayment come due on your next payday

Loan Process:

Technical innovation in lending has paved way for getting payday loans online. The borrowers complete the loan application form online. The payday loan lender verifies the loan request and approves it immediately should it meet the loan requirements. Once approved, the funds are transferred electronically to the borrower’s agreed checking account. The loan amount along with the interest is debited from the same account on the payment due date.

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